Earlier this month we broke ground on Wood Elementary School in Tempe, Arizona!

The new Wood Elementary will be built from the ground up on a site adjacent to the existing facilities, while remaining an active elementary school campus. This project will be completed in two phases and will consist of two single-story buildings totaling 69,500 square feet! The buildings will house 30 classrooms, administration and office space, a learning commons building, a multipurpose room, and last but not least, a cafeteria building, which also will house three music classrooms! The new school will provide outdoor dining and learning spaces and a new parent drop-off and pick-up area. The Wood Elementary School rebuild is slated for completion in Fall 2020 – just in time for the new school year!

School Features and Upgrades:

  • Natural daylight and LED lighting throughout.
  • 2012 Energy Code Requirements and Building Energy Management System in use.
  • Separate cafeteria and multipurpose room that can be used at the same time.
  • More energy savings with less exterior doors and access points with energy efficient windows.
  • Student breakout spaces.
  • Outdoor learning area designed by Wood Elementary students.
  • Outdoor dining and shade area.

Upgrades to School Safety:

  • Parking and access to front of school and administration area will be much closer.
  • Parent drop-off and queuing will be safer and more organized while also not causing issues with traffic.
  • All doors locked and secured during lockdown by use of electrified doors without staff requiring to secure.
  • Secured playground areas within courtyard for kindergarten through first grade.
  • Secured centralized courtyards for better building security.
  • More windows for better sight of the campus.
  • Less access points to get within the building in lieu of all classrooms with exterior doors.